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IoT European Research Cluster
The aim of European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things  is to address the large potential for IoT-based capabilities in Europe and to  coordinate the convergence of ongoing activities.

European Dimension
IoT has the potential to enhance Europe's competitiveness and is an important driver for the development of an information based economy and society. A wide range of research and application projects in Europe have been set up in different application fields. Communication between these projects is an essential requirement for a competitive industry and for a secure, safe and privacy preserving deployment of IoT in Europe.

Global Dimension
IERC will facilitate the knowledge sharing at the global level and will encourage and exchange best practice and new business models that are emerging in different parts of the world. In this way, measures accompanying research and innovation efforts are considered to assess the impact of the Internet of Things at global and industrial level, as well as at the organisational level.





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