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Internet of Things - Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) present opportunities for enterprises to improve efficiencies and enhance customer value.


IoT/IIoT continues to evolve with new technologies and applications, embedding ubiquitous hyperconnectivity (5G and beyond), edge/fog computing, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and artificial intelligence (AI).


IoT/IIoT operates in a continuum that connects the physical, digital, virtual and cyber worlds through intelligent ‘Digital Twins’ by generating constant streams of data that can be harnessed into actionable distributed intelligence at the edge, with human, machine-to-machine cooperation to improve life, work and interaction with the everyday world.


Next-generation Tactile IoT/IIoT builds a real-time interactive system between the human and the machine and introduces a new evolution in human-machine (H2M) communication. Tactile IoT/IIoT enables the transfer of physical ‘senses’ (e.g. sense/touch, actuation, hepatic actions, etc.) in real-time form remotely and introduces a new paradigm shift to the skill-based/knowledge-based networks instead of content-based networks.


New solutions are needed for addressing IoT distributed end-to-end security because there are many more IoT/IIoT devices to secure, compared with traditional IT infrastructure devices.


Many IoT/IIoT devices are embedded into systems that can affect physical health and safety, in addition to traditional communications or computing systems, and they introduce a complex management environment, with diverse technology profiles, processing capabilities, use-cases, and physical locations.

The Next Generation Internet of Things, Hyperconnectivity and Embedded Intelligence at the Edge
Cluster Book 2018


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